The Eurovision is somehow connected to the Universe

The Eurovision – 2019 goes into history more and more, melodies of the song contest are repeated in the mind less, but it’s a great pity because many songs are worthy of being credited as modern classic (for example, the Northern Macedonia, the Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and many others). The Eurovision – 2019, as for me, was distinguished by interesting compositions, and directorial performances, stage design, and perfect performance, though as usual. Not for this it may become outstanding.

Waiting for nothing, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of non-standard Eurovision songs. One can see, that both performers and spectators have felt like of meaningful and ethnically-colored songs that emphasize European diversity.

It is nice that the songs were in many cases meaningful, reflecting naturally human psychological feelings – there were songs about love (Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.), and about dream (Croatia), and about reproach of father for lack of attention to a child through money (Italy), and about defending one’s dignity (Northern Macedonia).

There was not without dance-entertaining music, one would say “pop”, of standard “Eurovision” format, and although this year it was quite qualitative, but only Switzerland and a little bit the Czech Republic (4th and 11th places respectively) managed to “break through” to the first positions. In this segment, I would also like to mention Belarus, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, San Marino and the United Kingdom, but they all took positions rather closer to the end of the final list.

But Norway got first place by the results of the audience’s vote – it’s song was about love with the addition of such an interesting note, as an ethnic refrain, which Europe has not heard for many years.

Though Poland, which also made a bet on the ethnic style in the form of powerful singing of lively girls, has not been appreciated, not getting to the final.


The singer from Croatia did not get to the final either, though the idea was noble and the performance was powerful.


Similarly, a performer from Portugal, although his voice, on my opinion, deserves special praise.
Albania as well as it’s song, although it was sung in an incomprehensible language, made a vivid impression and in general the performance was rather original, and the performer and the entire scene were chosen very harmoniously.


Serbia certainly must be remembered for its powerful and anticipated Balkans’ ballad. The words and melody of her songs have long been heard in the ears after the end of the contest. It’s a pity that her place was not worthy of her diligence.

Denmark has sung a kind of unpretentious song in various languages against the background of the clouds on the blue sky – all this was perceived by the viewer very positively, and as a result the performer took a good 12th place.

It is impossible not to mention North Macedonia. Her song was highly appreciated by a professional jury, and it is not surprising: the song is powerful, the refrain is well memorized, and the topic is unfortunately very relevant. Unfortunately, because the mother teaches her child to defend own dignity. It seems that this topic is familiar and bothers many people.

I think that, without jokes, Eurovision is somehow connected to the Universe, which from time to time sends its representatives, as Onuka from Ukraine; this year It sent some non-terrestrial aliens from Slovenia, who performed such a simple, tender and sincere song in their language, the scene was so cosmic that there is no doubt: love in the future will become as it was depicted by young Slovenes.


If we recall the Universe, one can’t help saying about Australia, whose team created such an incredible fantastic fantasy that awakens imagination and gives rise to fairy tales associations.

As a summary it would be nice to draw a conclusion without fear of being accused in nationalism (not Ukrainian! – international), unexpected as for the content of the article: performers, it is not the most important what place you took in the competition, but, instead, love your land, your culture, sing your beautiful songs – and there will be prosperity on Earth (as in the Universe).

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